Excelsior Bodywork Services, Lancaster PA

Excelsior Bodywork offers several services to bring relief as well as performance to Lancaster, PA.

Excelsior Bodywork specializes in Structural Integration.

Structural Integration is deep-tissue bodywork that addresses restrictions and misalignments in muscle and connective tissue. Treatment sessions lasting 60-75 minutes take place on a therapy table and bench.  The work seeks to alleviate chronic pain, correct poor posture, restore full range of motion and increase motor function.  Full participation of the client is required.  Structural integration is not a passive therapy.

Structural Integration is a manual therapy that addresses the pain or tension from a different perspective than massage therapy or chiropractic work.


The time, money, and work that you invest in your body today will grant you mobility, strength, and life for many years.


Structural Integration

12 Series

12 weekly sessions to bring greater balance and symmetry to the body, to give you a deeper connection and understanding of yourself, and to give you a kickstart to greatly improved structure and function.  The 12 series is for clients who are serious about changing posture and habits, for those deeply interested in holistic improvement. Read more...


Structural Integration

3 Series

3 weekly sessions focused on 1) hips 2) shoulders 3) spine.  The 3 Series is less extensive than the 12 Series but can be quite effective.  It can be a great boost after a season of too much desk work, driving, or inactivity. Read more...


Integrative Bodywork Session


Single session work on a particular issue or hindrance.  A great introduction to the work and the practitioner. Read more...

2 days ago my lower back was as bad as it has been in 10 - 12 years. Yesterday I noticed a large drop in pain and increased mobility. Today I woke up with near zero pain, no QL stiffness of either side (amazing) and full ROM in an air squat. The results are unbelievable. I am 100% believer in your practice/skill set and wanted to thank you. I look forward to the next session.
— R.B.